Die wunderschöne Insel Kos ist der Geburtsort von Hippokrates, dem Vater der Medizin. Deshalb gilt das Asklipion als die wichtigste antike Stätte der Insel. Erbaut wurde es auf einem mit Pinien bedeckten Hügel 3 km südwestlich von Kos Stadt. Es bestand aus einem religiösen Heiligtum, das Asklipios, dem Gott der Heilung, gewidmet war, einem Heilzentrum und einer Schule für Medizin, wo die Lehren des Hippokrates unterrichtet wurden.

The island’s trademark is its medieval castle of the Knights situated at the entrance of the port. Stroll around famous squares like Platánou Square and Elefthería Square and admire the Antik buildings, remains of the Italian rule.

Pay your respects to the plane tree where Hippocrates himself, the Father of Medicine, used to teach his students. It is considered to be 2500 years old and the oldest in Europe.


The whole island is an endless beach. The two thirds of the coastline lead to sandy, pebble or rocky beaches, with turquoise or deep blue waters, crowded or secluded, sunrise or sunset oriented. Tigaki Beach - the closest beach to Kos Palace - is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a refreshing swim and relaxing sunbathing. . Organized with sun beds and umbrellas, offers the ideal conditions for water sports.

Thermes is one of the most idyllic sandy beaches in Kos surrounded by steep cliffs and dark clean waters, known for its hot springs and its therapeutic effects . Close to Kefalos village there are some of the most impressive beaches of Kos. Paradise Beach is what its name stands for: a landscape in heaven with white sand and crystal clear waters. Agios Theologos is a beautiful beach with creeks and rocky coves it is ideal for windsurfing lovers, especially for beginners.


Kos Island has over the years become a synonym to biking. The bicycle path of Kos starts from Faros beach and extends to the end of the beach of Psalidi, a distance of about 13 km . Many locals use their bikes for the daily activities.

Explore Kos narrow cobbled-streets, the old Harbour, the picturesque Palm Tree avenue. For the adventurous bikers, Kos Mountains offer beautiful routes with amazing views over the island that end to beaches of incredible beauty.


Enjoy daily excursions to the nearby islands of Dodecanesse, i.e. Kalymnos, the famous sponge island, Pserimos the serene island with the beautiful sandy beaches, Nisyros, the volcanic island with the wild beauty. Kos Island is just a few miles from the opposite Turkish coastline.

Bodrum, the ancient Greek city of Alicarnassos is an interesting destination for a full day trip. Visit many ancient sites, enjoy shopping at the local Turkish traditional market or distress with a Turkish bath and massage.


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